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Stories of Hope: The Women's Center

Tina’s Story from The Women's Center.

Tina was paroled to Artemis II from Bristol County House of Correction.  After her parole ended, she stayed in shelter and worked the program through March 2011.  Tina used the skills she had learned in the program to obtain two jobs while living in shelter, reunified with all three of her children with help from the Department of Child & Family (DCF), and moved into her own apartment in the Family Preservation Program, a housing program she accessed through High Point Treatment Center.  She is currently co-facilitating an Anger Management Group at PAACA.  She continues to maintain her sobriety, volunteer in the community, and keeps in contact with us.

After leaving the program, she sent the following note to Artemis II:  “I want to say that I admire the women on your staff and I am grateful for the opportunity to have had them in my life.  You have given me a chance to grow as a woman and be a better mother for my children.  I am living my dream today and it is because of this program and the staff that didn’t give up on me.  You are truly a blessing in my life. I will carry you with me each and every day.  Thinking of you always, Tina.”


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Find Help

"I spoke out to put a face to the issue for the millions of women, men and children who suffer in silence and to say that you are not alone. Help is available." ~ Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor (Photo by Christopher Mason)

How You Can Help

Everyone has a role to play in helping to end sexual and domestic violence. You don’t have to be an expert on these issues to make a difference. Based on your interests, skills, and resources we invite you to consider participating in this work in a variety of ways.

Help your friend or family member who is being abused

• call police if you see/hear abuse
• ask if they're safe or need someone to talk to
• explain that FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help is available help for victims and their children at local sexual or domestic violence programs
• offer a ride to a local program, a place to make a phone call, or to baby-sit while they attend appointments

Help your friend or family member who is an abuser

• call police if you see/hear abuse
• tell them there are no excuses for abuse and they may lose their families, friends, homes, and jobs if it doesn't stop
• hold them accountable for their behavior
• support their efforts to locate and obtain appropriate batterer intervention or sex offender treatment

Make a Contribution

No matter what size a gift, your support will make a difference. There are many opportunities for you to make a contribution as an individual, business, or a foundation. JDI depends on the generosity of our donors. Your financial support is an investment in safety, dignity, and liberty.

Donate Needed Items

Check with your local program to see what they may need and to coordinate your efforts. In kind donations such as phone cards, gift certificates, bus tickets, and food items are much appreciated.

Take Action

Sign up for our email alerts and become part of our statewide policy and legislative response. Our alerts provide detail on the issue, talking points, and instructions on who to contact. Check out our action calendar for recent updates and action items.


Get connected to JDI’s advocacy and prevention work or with our members’ community-based services and education efforts. You can also offer to board pets or livestock to help victims of sexual and domestic through Safe People* Safe Pets or HAVEN in the Berkshires.

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