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"Jane Doe Inc. keeps us grounded in the current policy developments, information, and emerging topics in domestic and sexual violence. Through their system change work and government relations, they rise our voice and share survivors’ concerns and needs. I can’t imagine leading a local agency without the support and expertise that I receive as a member of JDI. " ~ Marianne Winters - Executive Director at Safe Passage Inc.

What are you doing to help end sexual and domestic violence?

JDI is working with its members and other allies on a range of prevention efforts from a campaign for Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention to the 4th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day. Believing that we can end sexual and domestic violence is the first step toward preventing it. Get the facts, download campaign materials, and tell us how you are trying to be part of the solution.

April is recognized Sexual Violence Awareness & Prevention Month (SVAP) nationwide. JDI, our members and advocates across the country work to bring much needed attention to the sexual violence that affects millions of women, men, and children in our communities every day. 

Raising awareness helps victims and survivors to not feel alone, informs people about available resources, and deepens the public’s understanding of the dynamics and realities of sexual violence. Promoting a prevention message recognizes that it takes both individual and community action to end sexual violence.

That’s why JDI’s current SVAP campaign asks each individual to identify and commit to taking a step to help end sexual violence. 

I am ending sexual violence by..

  • Educating myself and my family, friends, and co-workers
  • Learning how oppression and social justice relate to sexual violence
  • Modeling relationships based on equality and respect
  • Becoming a volunteer.
  • Supporting my local sexual violence/rape crisis center.

How will you finish the sentence for yourself?

You can make a difference.
We encourage you to get involved.

Learn more: Jane Doe Inc.'s 2011 Sexual Violence Fact Sheet

Download free posters, stickers, bookmarks and web-banners.  (All material available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.)

Check out the National Sexual Violence Resource Center’s  tools and resources for students, administrators, faculty, health care providers and community groups working with colleges and universities.: www.nsvrc.org/saam

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