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Meet the Jane Doe Inc. Team

"The staff at Jane Doe Inc. is privileged to work with our membership to elevate awareness about and to correct social injustices, to eliminate structural barriers to ending sexual and domestic violence, and to promote safety and justice for everyone." ~ Debra Robbin, Executive Director

Boston Celtics to Join Jane Doe Inc. in Supporting Massachusetts White Ribbon Day


BOSTON (March 16, 2015) – The Boston Celtics have joined Jane Doe Inc. in supporting Massachusetts White Ribbon Day, an awareness day centered around men taking the pledge to be a part of the solution in ending all forms of violence perpetrated against women.

In addition to recognizing Massachusetts White Ribbon Day on March 5, the Celtics will be showing further support at their March 16 home game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Celtics coaches and staff will wear white ribbons as a public show of commitment to both oppose and address gender-based violence.

"The Boston Celtics are thrilled support to organizations such as Jane Doe Inc.and their White Ribbon Day initiative,”Coach Brad Stevens said. “There continues to be a great need to educate each other on what leads to various forms of abuse, and how we all can best help in efforts to endsexual anddomestic violence in Massachusetts and beyond."

The March 16th initiative is a collaborative effort of Jane Doe Inc., the Massachusetts Employers Against Domestic Violence and Bristol County District Attorney Tom Quinn’s office. Officials from each agency will distribute white ribbons for all fans in attendance at the game that night.

Celtics fans will also learn about the campaign throughout the game as public service announcements from Jane Doe Inc. and the Boston Celtics will be aired on the jumbotron.

Craig Norberg-Bohm, coordinator of the campaign, said, “We hope to see white ribbons not only on the court but also throughout the stands.  The simple act of putting on a ribbon can start a conversation, send a message and encourage men to think about their role in ending violence against women.”

Men and boys are also encouraged to become White Ribbon Day Ambassadors and invite their friends and colleagues to join them.  The pledge, ambassador sign up and campaign materials are available at www.janedoe.org/whiteribbonday.

For more information on MA White Ribbon Day and to view Jane Doe Inc.’s “Reimagine Manhood”  Public Service Announcement, visit http://www.janedoe.org/whiteribbonday.

About The Boston Celtics

A charter member of the Basketball Association of America (which evolved into the National Basketball Association) since 1946, the Boston Celtics have won a record 17 NBA Championships, including eight (8) in a row from 1959-1966, winning their first title in 1957 and their most recent in 2008. The Celtics have long stood for equality, and respect, including hiring the first African American Coach and starting the first all black starting five. In addition, 33 former Celtics players, management or staff have been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. In December 2002 the team returned to local ownership for the first time since 1963. For more information on the Celtics, log on to www.celtics.com.  

About Jane Doe Inc.

Jane Doe Inc. created the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign in connection with an international campaign created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of one man's massacre of fourteen women in Montreal. Since launching the campaign in Massachusetts in 2008, Jane Doe Inc. has recruited over 575 White Ribbon Day Ambassadors, 90White Ribbon Day Affiliates and tens of thousands of men and boys have signed the pledge.

As a primary prevention campaign to end men’s violence against women, Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign looks upstream to reimagine manhood in order to change the social norms that foster inequity, abuse of power and violence. 

This year’s campaign theme of #REIMAGINEMANHOOD promotes positive masculinity. It also addresses how sexual and domestic violence are human rights violations and how abuse is an obstacle to gender equality, safety and justice.

Contact:          Heather Walker, Boston Celtics – 617-854-8072, hwalker@celtics.com

                       Taylor Kielpinski-Rogers, Boston Celtics – 617-399-8430, taylor@celtics.com        

                       Toni Troop, Jane Doe Inc. – 617-212-7571, ttroop@janedoe.org

                       Ashley Bendiksen, Bristol County District Attorney's Office, 508-997-0711 ext. 1824,


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