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Read our latest newsletter: February 2017.

Digital World for Communities of Color

I recently attended one of my favorite annual conferences #TechSummit17.  In addition to all the cutting-edge technology and safety presentations, the Summit addressed the fundamental issue of safety and justice in the tech world.

I once believed the digital world was going to be the great equalizer, where diverse people could meet, learn, and contribute to national and worldwide conversations.  But just like in many other platforms, not everyone has an equal voice online.  

Read the full blog by Diana Mancera, JDI’s Director of Membership and Programs

What's Happening

The better question is "what's not happening at JDI?"  From policy work to meeting football fans at our info table at Patriot's Training Camp, we are continously advocating for the rights and safety of everyone in the Commonwealth and across the country.  Here's a quick update on current activities.   Visit our photo gallery too!

Check out events sponsored by JDI Member Programs and our allies on our "Calendar of Events."


2018 Spring into Action:  Thursday, May 3, 2018

Click here for more information.



2018 Legislative Advocacy Day:  Monday, March 26, 2018
Stay tuned for more details.


December 2017:  JDI Annual Prevention Summit was a huge success!

Click here to watch the videos and experience the excitement and hope!





June 2017: Immigrant Heritage and LGBQ/T Pride Month


JDI is fortunate to have creative and thoughtful interns who contribute to our social justice work and messaging in many ways.  We'll be introducing these young leaders to you over the summer.  We invited one of our interns to help us share her creative process in developing a logo for our email signature and social media for this month. Thank you Grace for sharing your ideas and talents with JDI and our network. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this message.  Write us at info@janedoe.org  


Artist Statement: Grace Huddleston

JDI Public Relations and Development Intern, Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2019 

Each month, JDI chooses a message or theme in our email signatures and social media.

June posed a particular challenge because we had not one but two potential issues to highlight:  Immigrant Heritage Month and LGBQ/T Pride Month.  

I was honored to be tasked with coming up with a way that JDI could recognize these independent as well as connected issues and how and why they matter to JDI. Immigrants and the LGBQ/T communities are both uniquely vulnerable to gender based violence. In today's climate, both communities are facing attacks and setbacks as well as experiencing renewed activism and resistance.

In thinking about how to create an image that would represent both of these groups, I decided to focus on their flags, a symbol of identity and representation that is deeply tied to having a voice in the U.S. In elementary school, I spent a month learning about the process of creating and revising the U.S. flag. The flag of the United States has constantly been in motion, and while it represents freedom and justice for all, for many it represents a history of oppression. The pride flag and immigration heritage offer symbols of hope and a call to action. The combination of flags in this image is an attempt at pushing the idea of having diverse identities continually recognized and acknowledged throughout the United States. 

You can help spread the message too. Download the logo and use it as your own social media image as well!



JDI Launches The Strengthening Health Care Collaborations Project 

JDI’s Strengthening Health Care Collaborations Project, currently funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, is designed to is to improve the well-being and safety of survivors by strengthening partnerships between community-based sexual/domestic violence organizations and health care organizations. Given the expertise within community-based organizations, enhanced collaborations with health care will increase access to supports for survivors, promote trauma informed and best practices, and lead to better coordinated responses that address the diverse needs of survivors.

JDI has held its second Health Care Learning Forum, “Advocating for Survivors’ Health and Well-Being, in May 2017.  Over the next twelve months we sponsored four webinars and held  Read more about this exciting project




Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) stood with Attorney General Maura Healey and others as Mr. Kraft announced gifts to support a handful of initiatives to address sexual and domestic violence in the Commonwealth, including new and exciting work here at JDI.

The multi-year grant to JDI will support the establishment of our new Institute for Safety and Justice, a comprehensive training and community building initiative for the Coalition's member programs and others in the field working to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence.  Through the Institute for Safety and Justice and other work undertaken with this grant, JDI will assist JDI members and others to continue to be responsive as our work evolves to meet the emerging needs of all survivors.  

You can read more about this gift and our plans along with news about other initiatives announced today. 

A huge thank you to Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation for investing in a range of initiatives - from direct service to community building and prevention.  


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