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JDI makes global connection to end violence against women


In June 2013, JDI's Policy Director Maureen Gallagher traveled to Egypt as a Fellow through Hands Along the Nile (HANDS).  She reflected on the activism to end women’s oppression and advance women’s rights.

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In October 2012, JDI welcomed a delegation from Pakistan through World Boston.  The exchange was lively, enlightening and memorable.

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"Educating our communities and elected officials about the needs of survivors in our local cities and towns requires year round focus. JDI is our pathway to informing and influencing the state and national agenda to end sexual and domestic violence." ~ Karen Cavanaugh, JDI board member and Executive Director of Womanshelter/Companeras, pictured here with a JDI delegation meeting with Congressman Niki Tsongas

It's Your Business Breakfast for Massachusetts Business Leaders 2011

Governor Deval Patrick, Congressman Bill Delahunt and other dignitaries, business leaders, and community advocates were on hand to help present Lt. GovernorMurray with the first Bill Delahunt Award for Extraordinary Public Service.

Turning the spotlight away from himself, Lt. Governor Murray recognized and applauded those who work within government, community based programs, and the private sector to address the needs of survivors and victims and work to make our communities safer.  Murray commented, “Government cannot nor should not be expected to do it all.  Our role is to facilitate – and to the extent we can fund – efforts that can and have transformed lives and changed the trajectory for so many.” 


The award was presented at Jane Doe Inc.’s first annual It's Your Business Breakfast for Massachusetts Business Leaders. 

Lt. Governor Murray also outlined several examples of the ways businesses in Massachusetts have already demonstrated their own leadership in this arena.  He mentioned the pro-bono legal representation and policy advocacy work of Mintz Levin, the integration of best practices by Neighborhood Health Plan, and the collaboration, funding, and resources from Verizon and Verizon Wireless. He said, “I applaud leaders of the business community who set the tone that sexual and domestic violence will not be tolerated, and continue to lead by example for other businesses to follow.”

As the program drew to a close, Murray said, “Yes, we need to go back to work, but we also need to know we’re doing good work right here!  We’re building more connections, and we’re supporting organizations like Jane Doe Inc. and its members across the Commonwealth with whom I am proud to work and accept this award.”

Governor Patrick extolled the Lt. Governor’s leadership in helping to prevent and end sexual and domestic violence, and spoke of the personal and professional admiration he has for Murray.

Special thanks are due to our Event Host, the Joseph F. Timilty Family.  As was pointed out by several speakers, everywhere you turned at the event you were bound to bump into another Timilty.  Senator James, Governor’s Councilor Kellie, sons Bart and Greg and ??? 

Senator James Timilty remarked, “When it comes to our family, almost nothing unites in terms of politics or sports. But the critical issue of sexual and domestic violence is one that we all agree deserves our utmost attention and investment.” 

Event Sponsors:

The Karol Group
Mintz Levin
Neighborhood Health Plan
Rape Crisis Center of Central Massachusetts
South Middlesex Opportunity Council
TD Wealth Management

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