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2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Safety, Healing, and Justice for survivors is on the ballot. Vote, November 3, 2020.Every October, JDI joins with advocates and survivors around the world to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It will...

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Ballot Question 1: Right to Repair

Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot this year concerns access to mechanical data in a vehicle's on-board diagnostics or telematics system’, and is commonly known as the “Right to Repair Law’. We'd like to share with you our thoughts and analysis on this issue and...

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Supreme Court Victories June 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court issued several rulings that will directly impact people who experience sexual and domestic violence and take on special meaning as we collectively rise up and awaken to the demands of the Movement for Black Lives. We must acknowledge that the...

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