As the only statewide membership and advocacy coalition focused on domestic and sexual violence in Massachusetts, collaboration is at the heart of why we were formed and how we approach everything that we do.

While JDI’s work started out internally with a handful of rape crisis centers and domestic violence programs, exchanging knowledge and building up resources, it has grown to include an array of organizations and sectors whose work interfaces with survivors. This approach reinforces, informs, and strengthens our ability to have a far-reaching impact.

We focus on how policies, laws, educational and prevention initiatives, services, resources, and options can be crafted and implemented effectively to consider, and indeed center, the complex, multi-layered, intersectional, and culturally specific needs of survivors and communities. These collaborations include JDI-driven efforts as well as participation on committees, commissions, and task forces working toward affordable housing, accessible healthcare, safe educational environments, and prevention.


You are in integral part of the solution.  Your individual one-time gift or sustaining monthly donation, foundation grant or event donation, provides the resources we need to offer unparalleled leadership in Massachusetts to improve policy and practices, build a strong movement, and ultimately transform lives.

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