Although the work to end gender-based violence is centuries old, the field as we know it today continues to evolve. We are constantly asking ourselves: Who is unserved, underserved, and inadequately served? How can we break down institutional and societal barriers? What will it take to shift the needle in changing attitudes and behaviors?


These questions shape our current priorities and inform our approach. We acknowledge the leadership of the National Women of Color Network, Inc. who developed the 3-tiered analysis of unserved, underserved and inadequately served to help us identify how the design and implementation of services, policies, and resources have historically left out the most marginalized and what we can do to switch that narrative.

As the statewide coalition, JDI is well suited to focus beyond individual incidents of violence toward broader based efforts that tackle fundamental issues, often called the root causes of violence, and hold systems accountable through advocacy, education, and engagement.

Our Initiatives

Capacity Building Project – The heart of JDI’s work is to support our member programs and others committed to working on behalf of survivors and communities impacted by violence. Through one-on-one guidance and assistance as well as through structured networking and learning opportunities, JDI strives to help the network stay abreast of best practices and cutting edge ideas.

Economic Justice –  Through policy advocacy and programming, JDI aims to promote practices and foster a learning community of JDI members on strategies to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and violence and advance financial well-being for survivors. JDI also connects research and practice with related public policy issues that will improve the economic futures for victims and survivors and their families.

Initiative for Safety and Justice – This project invests in front-line advocates, organizational sustainability, and leadership development by addressing the impact of trauma on individuals, institutions and systems. In 2019 JDI launched a related website called Healing Trauma to expand access to resources and best practices.

Massachusetts Safe Housing Initiative – Launched in May 2022, The MASHI is designed to foster strategic partnerships geared towards improving longer-term affordable housing access and stability for those experiencing sexual and domestic violence. Through trainings and community building, JDI will work to build housing advocacy capacity, especially among rape crisis centers, health care based and culturally and linguistically specific service providers, and to strengthen partnerships among and across sexual assault and domestic violence organizations and housing providers. 

Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign and Reimagine Manhood Initiative – This call to action invites men and boys to come off the sidelines and step into a partnership with the women and girls who have historically carried the weight of this movement. Find out how you can help #ReimagineManhood and become a White Ribbon Day ambassador today. Through the WRD Campaign, JDI also hosts an annual #ReimagineManhood Symposium to foster deeper learning, skill-building, and networking for anyone interested in being part of the solution to gender-based violence and its historical connection to racism and other forms of oppression

Media Advocacy – JDI works with the media, creates and promotes awareness campaigns, and other public education efforts to inform and reframe the public’s understanding of these issues in order to ultimately help make victims and communities safer.

Prevention: Our prevention efforts are grounded in evidence-based and evidence-informed strategies to promote gender equity and racial justice on individual, community, institutional, and societal levels.

Training Institute – Each year JDI offers a broad range of webinars, conferences, symposiums, and other gatherings to make best practices and cutting edge information available to our members and partners. You can view recordings of past webinars on our Jane Doe Inc. Webinars and Training YouTube page.


When you donate to JDI, you express your commitment to social justice and a world free of violence. Your charitable contribution is an investment: an investment in safer communities, an investment in saving and improving the lives of countless individuals and families, and investment in our future.

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