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"I spoke out to put a face to the issue for the millions of women, men and children who suffer in silence and to say that you are not alone. Help is available." ~ Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Councilor (Photo by Christopher Mason)

JDI's Internship Program: Creates Opportunities, Fosters Activism

Each semester JDI is fortunate to have tremendous interns from colleges and graduate schools at the Coalition.  These interns contribute so much on a range of projects, research and activities.  Our goal is for each to leave with increased skills and experience and a deeper understanding of and commitment to the social justice issues at the core of our work.

How to become an intern

If you or someone you know is interested in an internship at JDI, check out the opportunities.

Introducing the Spring 2016 Interns

This Spring JDI is lucky to have three interns and one cooperative education program (co-op) student that are making tremendous contributions. We asked them to tell us a bit about themselves.

Zahraa Badat

Zahraa is a co-op student at Northeastern University. A co-op allows the combination of a classroom-based education with full-time work. She is a junior studying English. Her commitment to social justice is an important part of both her personal and professional lives, which is why she joined JDI. She enjoys the JDI environment and the passion of the team.

At JDI Zahraa works with our policy director to conduct legislative research and assist with JDI’s advocacy agenda. She pays particular attention to identifying the significance of intersectionality in policy and law.

In her spare time, Zahraa enjoys reading, especially ethnic American literature and explorations of racial dynamics. She hopes to attend law school and continue to contribute to the betterment of people and society.

Molly Kate Been

Molly Kate is a Masters of Theological Studies at Boston University. Her theology studies drew her to the intersection of religious hierarchies and gender-based violence. She wanted to learn more from Jane Doe, given its focus on the systemic nature of violence and not just the individual experience. As a Men’s Initiative intern, she has done just that. Molly Kate has pitched in to organize the 9th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign spearheaded by JDI.  Some days she’s communicating with our WRD Affiliate organizations and other times she’s helping with logistics for our WRD Ambassador Display. She is also researching how to make White Ribbon Day more accessible to communities of faith in Massachusetts.

Her favorite part of JDI is knowing that every day she’s in the office, she is working to make the world a kinder place.

Apart from her studies, Molly Kate enjoys visiting museums, traveling, and playing with her nephew and nieces. Following her graduation, she hopes to remain in the nonprofit sector, focusing on violence prevention and education.

Melanie Floyd

Melanie is a senior at Boston College studying International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and International Social Justice. Her “gateway social issue” was racism and she pays close attention to the intersectionality of race and other forms of oppression with sexual assault and domestic violence. Melanie is excited to be working with JDI’s social media communications as a Communications Intern; both SA/ DV as a justice concern and communications are new to her. However, she has been an advocate for women and herself all along.

Melanie’s favorite aspect of her internship is that she is always learning! Whether it be about one of our organizations or events, the influence and history of JDI astound her.

When she’s not at JDI, Melanie likes to read classics, run outside, blog, and cook. After graduation, she hopes to work in Boston in the field of women’s reproductive health.

India Mazzarelli

India is a junior at Boston University studying Business Administration. On campus, she raises awareness about Domestic Violence and was impassioned to join the JDI team as a Communications Intern. India raises awareness through social media platforms in conjunction with member organizations. She is also involved in various creative projects, writings for the website and honoring the lives of those lost through the Coalition’s Domestic Violence Homicide Project.

One of India’s favorite aspects of JDI is the community of like-minded staff who are also dedicated and passionate about important issues.

After graduating, she hopes to attend law school to study and later practice criminal defense and civil rights law. Currently, she is an employee at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston. Outside of JDI, she is a tennis, coffee, and ice cream enthusiast.

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