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Much like sexual and domestic violence programs here in Massachusetts are part of our coalition, JDI is part of two national organizations: the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence. These national organizations are based in Washington, D.C., and coordinate federal policy advocacy, create opportunities for networking and shared learning, and help advance conversations and action across the country.  Let’s start by introducing you to NAESV.

Founded in 2000, the NAESV was conceptualized as a way of bringing the voice of allied anti-sexual violence organizations to the political sphere on Capitol Hill.  Today it is one of the leading voices when it comes to ensuring that policy, prevention, and practice work effectively to center the safety and rights of all survivors of sexual violence.  Made up of experts and advocates from coalitions and allied organizations around the country, NAESV publishes statements, tracks legislation, and provides media commentary regarding federal law, court cases, and current events. Since its inception, the NAESV has played a key role in a number of successful advocacy efforts, including reauthorizing the 2013 Violence Against Women Act that included historic policies to address and support underserved survivors and gaining federal funding specifically targeted for sexual assault prevention programs and survivor resources through the Sexual Assault Services Program in 2005.

JDI has been a member organization of the NAESV for eleven years and takes full advantage of its resources, training, and advocacy expertise. In addition to participating in NAESV’s federal advocacy efforts, we look to NAESV for guidance regarding our policy priorities and strategies here in Massachusetts.  JDI staff also participate in NAESV sponsored trainings on best practices, utilize their many resources, and welcome the opportunity to network with similar organizations from other states and territories.

In August 2019, JDI’s Executive Director Debra J. Robbin joined the NAESV Board of Directors. This volunteer board has cultivated a powerful and effective network of anti-violence coalitions and we are delighted to be even more closely aligned with Debra’s new role on the board.

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