Imagine a World Based On Equity, Justice and Safety for all

JDI took out an ad in the 2023 Red Sox Yearbook because we know that baseball fans like you understand that there’s no excuse for abuse. And if we really want to make a difference and end sexual assault and domestic violence, we need to have a strategy, a committed team, and a shared dream.

What would it take to create a world without gender-based violence?

We believe we have to go upstream and talk about what is causing this kind of violence in the first place. The thing about sexual and domestic violence is that it is not only a matter of an individual’s actions or behaviors. These acts of violence are all about the abuse of power and control…and a society that determines who is powerful and what kind of behaviors are acceptable to maintain that control.

Join us in imaginging a different world. One where equity and justice are valued. Where everyone’s safety is a shared responsibility.

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All sexual and domestic violence providers in Massachusetts programs must not discriminate based on ethnicity, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or partner status, age, disability including substance abuse, economic or educational status, religion, HIV/AIDS or other physical health status, mental health status, immigration status or residency, including county, state or country of origin. 

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