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Dorchester suspect allegedly often fought with victim

Neighbors of a 28-year-old Dorchester woman charged with stabbing her boyfriend to death said they routinely heard the couple arguing violently. But when one of them allegedly heard the pair’s final fight Friday morning, instead of  calling police, he “turned on the music.”

“My daughter came into the room and said, ‘Daddy, they’re fighting again,’ so I turned on the music to drown out the noise,” Robert Ennis said of the “banging” he heard coming from Cherry Clinton’s apartment at the Franklin Field housing development. “I didn’t want to hear it.”

Clinton was charged with murder Friday in connection with the killing of her 23-year-old boyfriend, whose name police have not released.

At about 10 a.m. Friday, another neighbor, Guerlande Merisier, also said she heard arguing and “banging, like falling on the floor.” Minutes later, she said, she saw Clinton outside, crying, telling first responders, “Come in right away, my baby’s unconscious.”

Ennis said he never called police because after he testified a few years ago against a man accused of gunning down a youngster outside his building, a brick was thrown through his window.

“The streets aren’t forgiving,” the 50-year-old father of three said. “When you weigh it all out, I got to take care of my family.”

The killing marks at least the fifth domestic violence homicide this year, said Toni Troop, a spokeswoman for the victim’s advocacy program Jane Doe, Inc. Of those, two of the alleged perpetrators are women who said they were acting in self-defense, Troop said.

People who are concerned about someone’s welfare can always call 911 anonymously and ask that police do a well-being check, she said. “We appreciate people are afraid to get involved,” Troop said, “but sometimes all it takes to save a life is a call.”

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