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Hingham boys track garners Sportsmanship Award

Hingham boys track garners Sportsmanship Award: Harbormen win Ralph Lord Sportsmanship Award

Wicked Local HinghamPosted Feb 20, 2012 @ 05:33 PM

Under the leadership of Coach Fred Jewett, the Hingham Boys Track Team has demonstrated the important rolethat student-athletes and their coaches can play in creating and promoting sportsmanship as well as safe relationships andcommunities.

On Friday February 17 at the Division 3 Championship Track Meet, where the Harbormen finished third, behind Pembroke andBishop Feehan, the MIAA recognized the team for being voted the Patriot League Team Sportsmanship Award and for theirparticipation in the White Ribbon Day Campaign, by presenting them with the Ralph Lord Sportsmanship Award.

"We congratulate these male student athletes for their courage to step forward and take on the issues of respect and safety inrelationships,” stated Craig Norberg-Bohm, Coordinator of the JDI Men's Initiative commented, "High schools are not immuneto issues of sexual and domestic violence. Whether the violence occurs among students or is experienced at home, at work, or inthe community, sexual and domestic violence affects everyone - including athletes. Since many athletes are leaders in theircommunities, their stance in stopping violence against women can inspire others in their schools and communities to do thesame. The coaches and athletes from Hingham High are role models for what it means to be well-rounded athletes on and offthe field by using one’s leadership skills to take a stand on important community issues, including violence against women."

Coach Fred Jewett in conjunction with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, the Hingham Police and High SchoolAdministration was actively involved in many White Ribbon Day events at Hingham HS and schools throughout the south shorefrom 2001-2007. Jewett has been a White Ribbon Day Ambassador since the statewide campaign began in Massachusetts in2008. He most recently was involved in the development of the Jane Doe Inc. White Ribbon Toolkit for student athletes andtheir coaches. (http://whiteribbonday.janedoe.org/sports_team_toolkit.html) His insights have been instrumental in creatingthis program to engage schools around this issue.

Jewett said the involvement with Jane Doe Inc.'s White Ribbon Day campaign has opened new doors for his players and theschool at large.

"The positive approach of JDI's Massachusetts White Ribbon Day campaign is an effective way to engage young men inconversations about what it means to treat people with respect,” he said. “By raising awareness about the devastating effects ofrelationship and domestic violence, the White Ribbon gives men a chance to speak out against and help break the cycle ofviolence toward women. The White Ribbon Campaign gives athletes the opportunity to publicly state to their peers that theyshould never commit or condone violence against women. As coaches, we have the opportunity to set the norm for how we andthe members of our teams will conduct ourselves in practice, competition and life. I strongly encourage coaches and athletes toget involved in the White Ribbon Campaign and attend the statewide event.”

The 5th Annual Massachusetts White Ribbon Day is taking place on Thursday, March 1. In addition to a State House event at 1pm featuring Governor Patrick and others, dozens of community events are being held around the state. Copyright 2012 The Hingham Journal. Some rights reserved

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