Financials & Reports

JDI relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations along with government funding to fulfill our mission. As a qualified non-profit organization (501c3), all gifts to JDI are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

JDI’s 2021 Annual Report: How does JDI measure a year?  Coalition work, reach, and impact can be hard to measure. To us, it came down to 3 words: Advocate, Collaborate and Innovate. In this year’s annual report, we lay out how your support and engagement fueled our day to day, minute by minute, work to advocate for change, to collaborate with our membership, government systems, and new partners, and to innovate our work to address sexual assault and domestic violence in the context of the concurrent pandemics of COVID-19 and anti-Blackness.

Where can you find information about JDI’s financial status?

JDI makes available a copy of our most recent audited financials. In addition, financial information from prior years can be found in our listing on Guidestar or is available upon request. Contact us at 617-557-1807 or  You will find the financials from FY2021 in the annual report above. We also prepared this overview of JDI’s financials to highlight our major sources of funding and spending priorities across two recent fiscal years.  The charts demonstrate the growth and shift of both revenue and expenses at the Coalition by looking at the audited financials from FY2018 & FY2019  and the current operating budget for FY2020.  Download here.

If you prefer a hard copy of any of these materials, please email us at and we will send one out as soon as possible.

How does JDI use my financial contributions?
Charitable contributions to JDI support education, organizing and prevention initiatives, research and analysis, public policy and system advocacy, membership engagement and capacity building, as well as to support the operational needs to fulfill JDI’s mission. 

Giving to JDI has an exponential impact. Your gift allows us to have a broad reach and deep impact as we effectuate change and help ensure that best practices are adopted by systems, services, and responses statewide.

When you make a tax-deductible gift to JDI, you demonstrate your commitment to social justice and to safety and liberty for all victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence throughout the Commonwealth. Your contribution is an investment; it makes communities safer as it increases the chances for saving and improving the lives of countless individuals and families. 

Special note on Donors Rights
JDI adheres to the standards of the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Donor Bill of Rights, If you have any questions regarding our use of funds, confidentiality, or other organizational matters, please contact us at 617-248-0922 or e-mail us. 

How else can people support JDI’s work?
JDI needs your financial support as well as your active support. You can give your time and expertise to help advance JDI’s legislative and budget initiatives as well as public awareness and social change efforts. In addition, JDI’s member programs rely heavily on volunteers for direct services, support, operations and other important functions. 

Who funds Jane Doe Inc.’s member programs?
JDI does not provide direct funding to our member programs. However, one of JDI’s key functions is to advocate for state and federal funding for local services and programs. Government funding is a substantial and critical part of resources that support local services of our members, but it isn’t enough. 

Just like JDI itself, our members need philanthropic support of individual donors, groups, corporations, and foundations. Each member is an independent non-profit and responsible for its own fundraising. Less than 50% of local services are paid for with state budget funding.

JDI is committed to generating more public and private resources for all of our members and the field as a whole. JDI operates with due diligence to avoid donor conflicts and from a position that reflects respect and support for and promotion of local program donor development efforts.


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