Our Work

As a statewide coalition, Jane Doe Inc. works to create a world with gender equity, racial justice and safety for all.

Our Approach

JDI’s mission is to complement and support the expertise and leadership of our coalition members. We are committed to creating healthy vibrant communities, where violence and abuse of power no longer exist, and gender equity and racial justice is a priority.  The JDI staff have developed a statement of our core values – Community, Justice, and Solidarity – that guide our approach to fulfill our mission, engage with our membership and the broader community, and act at all times with respect and integrity.


We seek to change the lens through which our communities view gender-based violence by shining a light on the experiences of survivors and promoting equity and justice for everyone.


We work with both public and private partners to create policy that is responsive to survivors needs, helps expand resources, and promotes prevention strategies.


We seek innovative solutions that will improve the lives of survivors by sharing knowledge and engaging with a network of allies and partners.

The JDI Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Programs Compensation & Benefits Survey Analysis Report

Over the past 18 months, JDI partnered with consultants from Change for Good Consulting to survey our members and others in the field in MA about total compensation (salary and benefits) practices. Together, with support from the coalition and our members, we have released this report. It gives an overview of statewide and regional salaries by job title, array of benefits offered to SA/DV staff across the state and uses a racial equity lens to see racial disparities in our work. It also has a list of recommendations that can help make our workplaces more sustainable and move salaries from a surviving wage to a thriving one.
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Why It Matters

#metoo, #believesurvivors, #timesup. In this era of unprecedented conversations around gender-based violence, the world is beginning to catch up to what advocates in this field have long known: sexual and domestic violence impacts everyone. Not only does the trauma impact survivors over the course of their lifetime, but it also impacts those around them and entire communities. The work of the Coalition matters because we are interrupting the cycle by believing survivors and working together to create safer communities.
Until we can can pick of the paper or watch the news or go on social media and not see any example of someone dying or being badly injured at the hands of a loved one, until that time there will also be a reason for JDI to exist.
Peter Roby

Former athletic director, northeastern university


When you donate to JDI, you express your commitment to social justice and a world free of violence. Your charitable contribution is an investment: an investment in safer communities, an investment in saving and improving the lives of countless individuals and families, and investment in our future.

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