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State Budget Priorities

In partnership with our members, JDI educates and collaborates with the Massachusetts Legislature and Governor’s Office to ensure that Massachusetts has a strong network of services ready to provide critical, community-based resources to meet the needs of sexual and domestic violence survivors and their families. State funding provides essential financial resources so that local programs can effectively provide a range of culturally-appropriate services to survivors and those impacted. This includes everything from such as individual and group support to residential programs and assistance navigating complex systems such as the courts, medical care, and immigration. 

JDI’s current budget advocacy includes requesting an increase of $5,382,336 to increase advocacy and
outreach services through sexual and domestic violence programs in Massachusetts.

JDI’s recent budget advocacy successes include: 

> FY2020: An additional $1M in funding for prevention programming

> FY2019: An additional $3M in funding for service

> FY2018: An additional $100,000 for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

Budget Process

The state budget runs from July 1 to June 30 and is voted on annually. The process formally begins in January when the Governor submits a proposed budget to the Legislature and is designed to end by June 30th after the House and Senate have reviewed and agreed to a budget. JDI’s budget advocacy focuses on securing funding for community-based programs, prevention programming, and the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.  You can help make sure these funds are allocated by talking to the elected officials representing your community and letting them know why its important to you that these services be available.

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JDI’s policy and systems advocacy efforts on behalf of survivors is a pillar of the Coalition’s work.  Your support allows us to sit at crucial decision making tables, educate policy makers, and mobilize support for programs that provide life-saving work every single day.

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