Policy & Systems Advocacy and Action

JDI’s policy framework is driven by our commitment to human rights, racial equity, economic justice, and a belief in prevention.

JDI, our members, and our allies advocate for change through state and federal legislation and funding as well as in public and private systems to improve access to services, resources, and justice for survivors. This work extends to schools, businesses, healthcare, government, and advocacy organizations. We work to create policies that are more responsive to survivors needs, expand resources, and promote prevention strategies which strengthen our communities. 

JDI’s approach to our systems change is work is intentionally intersectional as we engage in many areas of policy that affect the lives, choices, and safety of survivors and address the root causes of violence.  In upholding our commitment to racial equity and the dignity and human rights of all people, we assess the impact of public policy on communities of color who are disproportionately represented in and harmed by the criminal legal system and challenge policies that contribute to mass incarceration. To this end, we do not support increasing penalties for offenses that are already criminalized in Massachusetts. You can read more about how we came to this conclusion and what it means for our work here:  Rethinking Our Relationship to the Criminal Legal System

JDI works in deep thought partnership and solidarity with survivors, JDI member programs, community partners, and other stakeholders to finalize a platform of legislative priorities that centers access to justice and safety for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. 

Essential to JDI’s policy advocacy success is the united voices of members, survivors, and other community allies. Through JDI’s Policy Committee which is comprised of staff from member programs in every region of Massachusetts, we both identify emerging needs and review legislative and administrative options. Our entire membership helps to make sure that elected officials hear the stories of those impacted by gender-based violence in their communities. We invite our supporters to take action and share their stories as well.


JDI’s policy and systems advocacy efforts on behalf of survivors. are a pillar of the Coalition’s work  Your support allows us to sit at decision making tables, educate policy makers, and mobilize support for programs that provide life-saving work every single day.

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