JDI works with our members, allied organizations, and elected and government officials to assess the need for changes to the Massachusetts General Laws and to help develop legislative remedies that will advance how we meet the needs of survivors.

As one of the foremost experts on sexual and domestic violence in Massachusetts, JDI’s opinion and participation is sought as bills are drafted, discussed, and decided. Each two-year legislative session, from the time legislation is introduced until the final vote, JDI to influence the outcome of bills filed that specifically relate to sexual and domestic violence and/or will have an impact on the lives of survivors and their families. Our strong reputation and relationships on Beacon Hill have yielded numerous advances over the past four decades.

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JDI’s policy and systems advocacy efforts on behalf of survivors is a pillar of the Coalition’s work.  Your support allows us to sit at decision making tables, educate policy makers, and mobilize support for programs that provide life-saving work every single day.

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