JDI’s 2021 Annual Report: How does JDI measure a year?  Coalition work, reach, and impact can be hard to measure. To us, it came down to 3 words: Advocate, Collaborate and Innovate. In this year’s annual report, we lay out how your support and engagement fueled our day to day, minute by minute, work to advocate for change, to collaborate with our membership, government systems, and new partners, and to innovate our work to address sexual assault and domestic violence in the context of the concurrent pandemics of COVID-19 and anti-Blackness.

JDI is in a strong financial position and has recently filled three staff positions to help carry through our agenda. Our membership of 60 nonprofit organizations and numerous other partnerships and collaborations are engaged…and growing. And the possibilities for action, impact, and social change are exciting.

As you read the annual report, we invite you to ask yourself:

  • how do I measure movement and change on an individual or collective basis?
  • what are my dreams to reimagine our world?
  • where are the opportunities to ensure survivors are believed and have access to the resources and support they deserve?

Read the full 2021 Annual Report by clicking on the image above.

If you prefer a hard copy, please email us at development@janedoe.org and we will send one out as soon as possible.

Thanks for being in solidarity with us on this journey. Your partnership, your donations, and your shared vision makes all the difference.