At this year’s symposium for anti-violence educators and preventionists, activists, community organizers, human services, youth development and health care providers, educators, employers, coaches, and allies, we will grapple together with the one of the most entrenched systems: patriarchy.

Sexual assault and domestic violence are rooted in systems that perpetuate violence against women and/or gender-based violence. This year’ symposium will focus on addressing one of these systems in particular- Patriarchy. A term rarely heard in mainstream conversations, patriarchy is a systemic power structure that infiltrates governments, societies, schools, workplaces, and families and encourages male leadership and power over others. As a result, men – especially cis-gender men – are both perceived and treated as though they are better than, are more respected than, and hold more privileges than women and non-binary people.

Our keynote speaker, Richie Reseda, is a feminist ally, community organizer, recording artist, and founder of the social-impact record label, Question Culture as well as prison abolitionist. Through workshops, conversations, and creative thinking we can work collectively to identify ways to challenge patriarchy and move us closer to ending sexual assault and domestic violence.

You don’t want to miss it.    

 Registration opened on October 31, 2019 and is on a first-come first-serve basis.  

You can find more details and register here.