Economic Empowerment Grant Recipients 2021

JDI awarded the 2021 Economic Empowerment grants totaling $10,000 to 10 sexual and domestic violence programs on behalf of 11 survivors from across the Commonwealth.  The grants reflect the resilience, creativity, and dedication of survivors. Scroll down to read their stories.

Since 2012, JDI has distributed 106 grants totaling $89,533 in Massachusetts to demonstrate how a small investment of cash can result in enormous positive change in the lives of survivors and their families. Funding for these grants was made possible with support from The Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse program.

WHY IT MATTERS: Victims of sexual and domestic violence experience many hardships when it comes to economic stability and independence.  A frequent aspect of domestic violence occurs in the form of financial abuse, which can result in ruined credit scores, an inability to pay for training and education, and limited experience managing finances.  Additionally, survivors who experience sexual assault or stalking while in high school and college are more likely to drop out and have difficulty completing coursework, disrupting their educational plans and impacting their long-term earning potential. With such formidable barriers in place, it is paramount for survivors to have access to resources and support in order to establish financial stability and gain autonomy over their decisions, careers, and passions — economically and otherwise.

“Buenos dias. Quiero compartir con todos mi felicidad ya que pude obtener este gran premio que me va ayudar alcanzar parte de mis metas. Gracias a todos los que hicieron esto posible.”  – Survivor

“Thank you for the opportunity to become an EMT. I hope to complete my certification in the next few months. I am particularly excited to help women and children utilizing my new skills. As a survivor of abuse, I hope to share information about trauma and survivor needs with my fellow first responders. I am eager to gain financial stability and more independence and I am excited to do all that while doing something I enjoy.” – Survivor 

GET INSPIRED:  Debra J. Robbin, Jane Doe Inc.’s Executive Director, said, “We have been inspired by the ways in which these modest grants have enabled so many survivors of sexual and domestic violence to advance their goals and dreams.  These funds have fostered economic independence in the areas of education, healthcare, therapy, and entrepreneurship, and we are thrilled to support the resilience of survivors.”

Through providing survivors these grants, Jane Doe Inc. and The Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse program make an investment in survivors’ futures and provide them with another tool to aid in the meaningful transition to independence and empowerment.

Mary McDermott of the Allstate Insurance Company noted, “We are proud to partner with Jane Doe Inc. to support them and their member programs who provide financial education, job-training and work-readiness programs for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Massachusetts.” 


Please note that unless the survivor wished otherwise, JDI has opted to use the singular pronoun “they” in order to protect the identity of the survivor, not because the survivor uses a gender-neutral pronoun. Click on the image below to open full size.

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