White Ribbon Day Campaign

In 2007 JDI joined an international human rights effort, the White Ribbon Campaign, to invite men and boys to be part of the solution in ending violence against women and all forms of gender-based violence. In 2017 JDI expanded on this work to create the Reimagine Manhood Initiative. By promoting healthy masculinities along with gender equity and racial justice, we believe that together we can foster safe and healthy relationships and communities.

Get JDI’s overall framework has evolved over the years to be more intentional about recognizing and addressing our work to engage men and boys in the context of gender equity and gender-based violence and racial justice. Over the years, we have reached tens of thousands of people to help shift the culture around patriarchy, sexism, racism, homophobia, heterosexism, and other oppressions and to collectively #ReimagineManhood. 

How do we do it?

Our strategy is to address the impact that toxic values such as dominance, aggression, sexual control, and other abuses of power have on all of us, and what they teach us about relationships, bodily integrity and autonomy, respect, and justice. We hope you’ll join us in promoting healthy and positive attitudes and behaviors

How can you get involved in these prevention efforts and help #ReimagineManhood?

JDI’s Massachusetts White Ribbon Day (WRD) Campaign was conceived as a call to action that invited men and boys to come off the sidelines and step into a partnership with the women and girls who have historically carried the weight of this movement. In whatever role, you have the opportunity to use your influence to begin to creating an environment free of fear and violence by promoting equity, justice, and dignity.


Each year in March, JDI hosts a central event to highlight the work being done across the Commonwealth. Due to COVID, we have not held an in-person event and are considering our plans for 2022.  Stay tuned!


Since 2017, JDI has hosted a statewide prevention symposium connected to the goals of the WRD campaign. The goal of the symposium is to help advocates, educators, youth specialists, community and civic leaders advance their knowledge and skills about how to address these issues on the individual and community levels.

The 2021 symposium will take place on Friday, December 17. For more details and to register, visit: https://tinyurl.com/a6dfrezn


Help us reach our goal of 1,000 WRD Ambassadors in Massachusetts!  Your role is to serve as a role model to others and talk about these issues to other men and boys in your life. By wearing a white ribbon, you can start a conversation and help break the silence around these issues. Sign up here.

We now have white ribbon pins available for purchase on our site. Join the cause today and purchase pins for your organization. Download this form and submit your order.  


Anyone who shared the values and vision of this campaign is invited to make your commitment known by taking JDi’s White Ribbon Day Pledge and add your name to the growing number of men in Massachusetts who have joined this campaign.  Sign the pledge today here.


We also want to hear about your plans for this year. You can put up a banner and distribute white ribbons, host a fundraiser for JDI or a local sexual or domestic violence program, or organize a speaker or a conversation at your school, congregation or workplace.

JDI created videos and facilitator guides to assist with group conversations or student lesson plans. You can download these toolkits and guides for ideas for events and activities.

Let us know what you have planned and if we provide any support!  Email us at: wrdcampaign@janedoe.org


A handful of Canadian men in 1991 decided to take action on the second anniversary of one man’s massacre of fourteen women in Montreal. They began the White Ribbon Campaign to urge men to speak out against violence against women.

Today, the WRC is a worldwide campaign in 60 countries that has collected well over 5 million signatures and growing. Read more about the history and background of the international and statewide campaign here.



White Ribbon Day Campaign Resources

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