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SAAM 2021 Message

Remarks by Debra J. Robbin, JDI's Executive DirectorApril 21, 2021 at a SAAM Event hosted by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito I am honored to be here today as the Executive Director of Jane Doe Inc (JDI), as an Advocate and as a survivor of sexual assault. I want to extend...

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Employment Protections for Survivors

When survivors are unable to access or maintain stable employment, their safety is compromised. Survivors shouldn’t have to choose between accessing the services and healing they want and keeping their jobs. This is why we are highlighting these two pieces of...

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2021 White Ribbon Day Underway

When JDI hosted the first statewide Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign in 2007, we didn't know what to expect. Today, we know that YOU and thousands more across the Commonwealth have embraced the values of this campaign and your actions to help end gender-based...

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